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For fire and emergency personnel

Fire in the Hills
This video discusses the history and growth of Oakland Hills from the 1700s to 1991. As Oakland grew and became more crowded, so did its problems that contributed to both the 1923 fire and the 1991 fire.

Developing a Cooperative Approach to Wildfire Protection
This video provides an overview of the need to develop an inter-agency agreement or view an existing one. Fire officers and other authorities can begin to identify other agencies and organizations within the immediate jurisdiction whose roles and mission are important to the fire department's role and mission.

Structure Protection Strategies in the Wildland/Urban Interface
This video covers controlling wildfire versus protecting homes, size up of fire behavior, offense or defensive strategies, incident command system, developing an action plan, communications, structure triage and whether to abandon protecting a home.

Firefighter Safety in the Wildland/Urban Interface
This video documents three wildland fire incidents where firefighters lives were put at risk. It also covers the causes of wildland firefighter fatalities, LCES - (Lookout, Communications, Escape Route, and Safety Zone), crew cohesion, the 10 standard fire orders, and the 18 situations that should not be overlooked when fighting a wildland fire.

Understanding Fire Behavior in the Wildland/Urban Interface 
This video discusses structural vs. wildland fire operations, methods of heat transfer, fuel types and effects, weather, topography and how it effects wildland fire, and extreme fire behavior.