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Presentations and Documents

General community presentation
Use this PowerPoint presentation (ppt, 44 MB) to talk to people about wildfire behavior and Firewise. You can drop in your own photos for examples in your area. Great for an audience that has about half-hour.

Discussion guide
No projector available? Use this simple guide (doc, 114 KB) to talk about wildland fire safety, Firewise principles, and what your neighborhood can do as next steps. Use local examples from your area to liven up the talk.

Introduction to Firewise Principles
This second edition of Introduction to Firewise Principles shares serious information in a light-hearted way. Use this as a presentation to provide participants with a general knowledge of the history of fire, fire behavior elements, survival strategies, Firewise considerations, how to be part of the solution, and if a fire threatens. This can be used as a stand-alone training for a half-day program.

Useful documents
Below are some brochures and booklets you can easily download or print. You can also order them for free from the Firewise Catalog.