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Log Hill Mesa, Colorado

Log Hill Mesa, an unincorporated area of about 1,500 residents in Ouray County, Colorado, is taking steps to prepare for wildfires. In June of 2012, the community’s fire department held an emergency preparedness open house to increase fire safety awareness.

Log Hill Mesa, CO, open house 
Log Hill Mesa, CO, chipper in progress 

At the well-attended event, participants received information on emergency prevention and preparedness from the Firewise Communities Program and FEMA.  Information on how to create a Ready, Set, Go! Action Plan was also distributed. As part of the open-house, the Log Hill Mesa fire department reviewed community wildfire protection plans with residents and assisted in registering cell phones into the e911 Target Notification System. This important step allows residents to get critical information on current emergencies throughout the county, within minutes. In addition to the handouts and other great materials, the West Region Wildfire Council presented on wildfire mitigation techniques that residents can use to protect homes.

Another big step for Log Hill Mesa included working on completing a year-long project that involved the inspection of every home, and providing this information along with other important materials to citizens through the mail. For those homeowners who weren’t involved in inspections, they received information on the steps they needed to take to get structural evaluations of their homes, and how to fire-proof their property.

Throughout the year, many other wildfire activities took place. Slash-chipping events were held to reduce the amount of fuel around homes in the county, and Log Hill Volunteer Fire Department worked on improving their initial “attack plan,” which will result in quicker responses to emergencies. They also took a look at their website and updated it with important fire safety resources and information.

Currently, the town’s fire department and Firewise committee maintain close contact with the West Region Wildfire Council and the Montrose District of the Colorado State Forest Service. As a result, the community can attest to a much-improved fire safety and awareness wildfire mitigation plan across the county, and its citizens continue to take pride in working together to reduce their risk of wildfire damage and loss.