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Apply for Recognition

Now that your neighborhood, small town or subdivision has met the program criteria, you are ready to apply for national recognition as a Firewise Communities/USA site.

Here’s what you’ll need to fill out the application form.

  • Full contact information for your Firewise board or committee chairperson. This person will be the point of contact between the community and the national Firewise program.
  • Documentation of your wildfire risk assessment and your action plan. If your Firewise State Liaison hasn’t got copies of these documents already, you’ll need to send them along with the application.
  • The number of residents in your community. An estimate is OK.
  • The amount your community invested this year in Firewise activity. This can be volunteer time, grants, in-kind services, loaned equipment or cash. See the volunteer forms for handy tools on tracking this investment in your local activity.
  • A description of your Firewise Day event this year. Include photos and any notices or articles  whenever possible.

Once you’ve gathered this information, you’re ready to fill out the form.

Mail your completed form and your background material (assessment, plan, Firewise Day photos) to your Firewise State Liaison. Don’t see a liaison from your state? Contact the Firewise office.

Your state liaison will sign and forward the application on to the NFPA Firewise Communities office in Quincy, Massachusetts. You’ll receive a welcome letter and recognition materials (street signs, plaque, media kit, etc.) shortly thereafter.