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Grants and Funding

Although the Firewise program does not directly provide any financial assistance, we recognize how helpful funding can be in accomplishing many Firewise mitigation activities. This page highlights grants and funding opportunities for individuals, homeowners, community groups, and fire services seeking financial assistance to implement their mitigation projects.

Firewise mitigation activities
The source and amount of financial assistance for Firewise mitigation activities will vary depending on the type of application and request. Examples of Firewise mitigation activities include:

  • Thinning/pruning/tree removal/brush clearing on private property
  • Retrofitting a house to replace roofing or siding with noncombustible materials
  • Managing private forest lands
  • Organizing a community slash pickup or chipping day
  • Creating or improving roads for better access/egress
  • Improving the water supply for firefighting
  • Educating the public through sponsored activities or events throughout the community

Types of available grants
There are many types of grants and financial resources available on the federal, regional, state, and local level. In addition to public agency grant opportunities, private organizations may also sponsor or offer financial assistance for Firewise mitigation activities.

Federal government
Get more information about grants for wildfire activities administered by federal agencies.

State, region, and local government 
Get more information about regional, state, and local government funding opportunities to assist activities reducing wildfire threat.

Additional resources
Get tips on the grant-writing process and other grant search engines.

Don't forget ...
Many Firewise activities help homes and neighborhoods become safer from wildfire without requiring a significant financial investment. Community clean-up days, awareness events, and other cooperative activities can be successfully accomplished through partnerships among neighbors, local businesses, and local fire departments, at little or no cost. The Firewise Communities/USA Recognition Program provides excellent examples of these projects and programs.