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For Active Firewise USA communities

The renewal process is for communities that have already achieved Firewise USA™ recognition status and are ready to share their community success for the current year.

Renew your community’s active status
Part of being a recognized Firewise USA community is the ongoing work you, your Firewise Board, and your neighbors do each year to reduce local fire risks and address issues identified in your community wildfire hazard assessment. Each year, the Firewise program benefits by learning about your community’s activities. The renewal process keeps your recognition status active and helps us share your successes with others.

Here’s all you need to do:

  • Conduct your Firewise Day event anytime during the year. This can be a community clean up day, a fair, or any public get-together where you take action or promote your local programs.
  • Document your time and effort. Each year, your Board must demonstrate a level of effort equal to at least $2 per capita in the community. You can track volunteer hours (worth $24.14 as of May 2017), count grants you've received, or the value of in-kind services, hired help, or loaned equipment. 
  • Tell us about it! Renew online to tell us about your community’s Firewise Day and this year’s investments. You can update your contact information at the same time. 

 Need help renewing online?  Watch the video below!

Annual Firewise Community Renewals

All active program participants need to submit their annual renewal by no later than Wednesday, November 15, 2017.