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Ask An Expert Firewise Virtual Workshop Series

Hour-long workshops designed to connect wildland fire stakeholders with subject matter experts.

The Firewise virtual workshop series provides conference quality, free learning opportunities for wildfire stakeholders, by connecting them with leading researchers and practitioners in a live interactive format. Each session is an hour-long and features a wildfire related topic that closes with questions received directly from participants.

View the latest virtual workshop below and help Firewise develop new and exciting virtual workshops in 2017 by emailing us your topic ideas and resident risk reduction education goals.

Firewise's Wildland "Urban Legends"
Will mulch spontaneously combust in the heat? Are Firewise principles less effective in high wind areas? Is my tile roof safe from embers? Join us as wildfire and home safety myths and beliefs are again put to the test by wildfire expert Pat Durland who will determine truth or falsehood to questions we all have, drawing upon his long career as a smoke jumper, wildland firefighter, policy maker, insurance consultant, and wildland fire educator.

Watch October's workshop


Community Risk Reduction Success Stories
This year, wildfires tested the benefits of wildfire mitigation projects throughout the U.S.; and produced success stories where risk reduction work completed by residents was credited with playing a major role in the property’s survival. Details from three of those successes in Colorado, Idaho and Washington will be featured in the workshop. The information from those fires will provide inspiration and motivation to implement mitigation concepts at properties in wildfire prone areas.

Watch September's workshop

Understanding insurance in the WUI
Homeowner insurance policies for residences located in wildfire prone areas are often misunderstood by the policy holder. Watch this Ask an Expert workshop and discover what insurance companies know about properties; how they make policy related decisions and most importantly learn what to do to ensure a policy is all it should be when a wildfire strikes.

Watch August's workshop

Get to Know the Home Ignition Zone
NFPA Wildfire Field Rep Gary Marshall discusses the three distinct areas surrounding structures within a home ignition zone and identify how mitigation and maintenance in each section plays a distinct role in improving survivability during a wildfire. This in-depth look into the three unique distances encompassing a home will have you viewing the landscape through a different set of eyes.

Watch July's workshop

Power of Embers
Learn about the impacts embers are capable of and the little things around the home that are vulnerable. Steve Quarles, PH.D of the IBHS Research Center will share some information on why and how IBHS is doing wildfire ember research at the lab in South Carolina.

FW Virtual Workshop Testimonials