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Once you have logged in, please follow these steps to complete your renewal:

  1. Click on your community’s underlined name to get to the renewal page.
  2. Please fill out the “Event” box first. You will need to enter the name, date, location, number of attendees and description of event. Once you have all your event information filled in, click the “save” button.
  3. When your event is saved, you will see the information filled into the grid at the top of the “Event” box.
  4. Next fill in the “Annual Renewal” Box. You will need to put in your 2016 Resident Count & 2016 Investment, then hit the “Click to Renew” button.
If you have successfully completed your renewal, you will get a confirmation message at the bottom of the page. If you do not fill out and save the “Event” box before you hit “Click to Renew,” your renewal will not go through.

Please note: Effective January 3, 2017 you will no longer be able to submit a 2016 renewal through the online process. Please call +1 720 475-1931 and our customer service coordinator will provide assistance.