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For Media

The Firewise USA Program national technical staff, in addition to Firewise state liaisons, are available for interviews during a crisis or any time you need information about wildland fire safety. For immediate media inquiries and assistance, please contact NFPA Public Affairs at +1 617 984-7275.

Firewise News

California wildfires" wreak havoc across the South

November 15, 2016

Dry weather and drought conditions are fueling an outbreak of wildfires across the South, and thousands of firefighters are working to put out the flames.

More than 70 fires, stretched across eight southern states – including North Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee -- have already charred more than 100,000 acres and forced evacuations, reports CBS News correspondent Mark Strassmann.

Authorities suspect arson as wildfires spread across the south

November 14, 2016

Southern wildfires — many of them suspected cases of arson — are spewing smoke so thick that residents are being urged to wear special masks if they must go outdoors. Many of the nation's largest active wildfires have been burning in the southern Appalachian mountains, where a relentless drought has turned pine trees into torches and forced evacuations in dozens of communities.

Rapidly growing Colorado wildfire prompts mandatory evacuations in Custer County

October 17, 2016

A wildfire is spreading rapidly through a central Colorado county, forcing people in nearly 200 homes to evacuate or prepare to evacuate, with more to be announced. Officials do not know what caused the fire, which was first reported at 3:40 a.m. on Monday, but by late Monday morning, it had grown to at least 2,500 acres.

Wildfires aren’t just for the West anymore

October 11, 2016

Fire is as common to Western states as the drought-dried shrubs that feed the flames. This month marks the 25th anniversary of the Oakland Hills Firestorm in the San Francisco Bay Area that destroyed about 3,000 homes and killed 25 people. At an estimated $1.5 billion in losses — $2.7 billion in today’s dollars — it remains the country’s most costly wildfire to date.

America’s ring of fire

October 08, 2016

Wildfires are getting bigger, more expensive to fight and closer than ever to where people live. The consequences can be deadly. This episode of Reveal examines how wildfires got so dangerous – and how people in some areas are fighting back.

Soaring temps increase risk of wildfires through Monday

September 26, 2016

Red flag warnings are in effect through Monday afternoon, as soaring temperatures and the first major Santa Ana winds of the season are expected to sweep through an already parched Southern California.

As more people move into wildland-urban interface, firefighting challenges increase

September 26, 2016

When a wildfire is rolling toward a house built with a cedar shake roof, surrounded by decorative juniper up to the windowsills, and the only access road is overgrown and narrow, firefighters will likely skip it.

“People think that we’re going to save their house,” said Paul Tester, Southwest Washington’s fire training coordinator at the state Department of Natural Resources. “We’re there to protect the firefighter and the public, that’s our first priority.

Moving from suggestions to mandates to cut wildfire risk for rural homes

September 18, 2016

Some Northwest cities, counties and private developers are going beyond the minimums in the state building codes to reduce wildfire risk. They're banning shingle roofs and requiring fire-resistant siding. They're also making homeowners mind their landscaping.

Wildfire Prompts Evacuations of 200 Homes in California

August 31, 2016

A wildfire that tore through brush east of Los Angeles forced 700 people from their homes for several hours Tuesday and destroyed a small building, officials said.

The fast-moving fire prompted the evacuations as it raced through 1.5 square miles of drought-dry hills near Banning, the Riverside County Fire Department said.

Firewise planning pays off on suncrest fire

August 30, 2016

Firewise planning proved to be effective in protecting homes threatened by the firestorm in the Leavenworth and Peshastin area. Chelan County Fire District Three Chief Kelly O’Brien says property owners who created defensible spaces around their homes survived the wind-fueled Suncrest Fire, whereas others who didn’t, barely escaped…