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NFPA’s Wildfire Division and Firewise Communities Program

NFPA’s Wildfire Division’s mission is to protect people and property in communities at risk from wildfire through NFPA’s role as a visible, trusted and recognized advocate, consensus-builder and authoritative leader.

Since its establishment in 2010, the Division has focused on developing targeted Firewise programs to reach everyone from policymakers to youth. From its role in helping facilitate nationally-accepted standards for evacuation procedures in wildfire risk areas to improving statistical information on wildland fires and home losses, and securing global partnerships with countries concerned with this growing problem, the Division boasts a dedicated staff committed to providing the necessary resources and expert knowledge to inform and educate communities, fire service professionals and others about wildland fire and ways to minimize risk.

NFPA Wildfire Division Field Office
6855 South Havana Street, Suite 180
Centennial, CO 80112
+1 303 663-5550

Tom Welle, Manager - Denver Field Office

  • Oversees NFPA's Denver Field Office. 

Lucian Deaton, Project Manager

  • Manages global partnership development of Firewise Communities and NFPA’s information and knowledge resources for wildland-urban interface outreach. 

Cathy Prudhomme, Project Manager

  • Manages Firewise Communities Program and the Firewise USA® Recognition Program.


Aron Anderson, Associate Project Manager

  • Provides technical support for Firewise and Fire Adapted Communities.
  • Provides technical support for Firewise website and supporting technology.
  • Provides technical support for the Wildfire Division.

Megan Fitzgerald-McGowan, Associate Project Manager


Marie Snow, Firewise USA Recognition Program Customer Service and Database Coordinator

  • Primary customer service contact for the Firewise USA Recognition Program.
  • Provides technical support for the Firewise USA Recognition Program.
  • Assists the Firewise Program Manager with communication/outreach to Firewise Communities and Firewise Liaisons.
  • Provides technical support for the Wildfire Division.


NFPA Wildfire Division
1 Batterymarch Park
Quincy, MA 02169
+1 617 984-7486

Michele Steinberg, Division Manager

  • Oversees NFPA's national and international wildfire partnerships and programs, and wildland fire activities.
  • Provides wildfire safety education and training for professional audiences.
  • Advocates for sound land use planning and regulation of development in wildfire hazard areas.
  • Coordinates international outreach and partnerships on wildfire safety topics.


Faith Berry, Associate Project Manager

  • Manages NFPA's Wildfire Community Preparedness Day.
  • Manages NFPA's Take Action Program, a wildfire safety educational program for youth.
  • Provides technical support for the Wildfire Division.
  • Provides technical support for grants and grant administration.

LisaMarie Sinatra, Project Manager, Communications

  • Provides public relations and communications outreach support.


Paula Levesque, Senior Administrative Assistant

  • Manages contracts and customer service.
  • Provides support for event registration and logistics, including "Assessing Structure Ignition Potential from Wildfire" training.